A Little About Us:

Kaleidoscope provides services at birthday parties and events at your home, park or other location. Our face painters are experienced painters using only FDA Compliant products. Products used are hypoallergenic and contain only two ingredients; Glycerin and Pigment.

We are the chosen face painting company at Funderland Amusement Park. Funderland is located in William Land Park next to the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town. Funderland is a great choice to hold your child’s birthday party and to have all of your lucky guests get their faces painted by us. You can visit www.funderlandpark.com for details on their party packages. Once you are booked at Funderland contact Kaleidoscope to book a painter for your party.

Kaleidoscopes talented painters are ready to be of service at your next party or event.


Come visit us at FUNDERLAND Amusement Park Located in William Land Park near the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town. Add face painting to your next party experience


15 tickets — $75

20 tickets — $100
25 tickets — $135

Tickets can be purchased for your guests attending your birthday party at Funderland. These tickets must be purchased in advance. When the party host arrives at Funderland on the day of the scheduled party they will proceed to the “main” face painting booth and pick up their face painting tickets. The tickets are then to be distributed to party guests that wish to have their faces painted. Guests can then proceed to the “main” face painter both at any time during that day. Ticket MUST be presented in order for the face painting to be free. Tickets can be used any time throughout 2018.



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Meet Our Painters

I have been creatively exploring the world since before I could hold a crayon. For me, facepainting combines many loves: for art, for design, and for being a positive force in the lives of other people. I have been studying and perfecting the art of face painting since 2009, expanding upon many years of practice in other art forms. I also apply my skills and knowledge to designing and leading diverse activities for the kids at Chestnut Childcare and Chestnut Nature Kids. When I am not busy painting faces or facilitating learning and fun, I spend my time enjoying nature, absorbing knowledge about various sciences, exploring new creative mediums and skills, making delicious and healthy food, and offering support to folk who need a little mentoring. When you visit me, don’t be surprised if you leave with a few facts as well! I enjoy sharing bits from her eclectic knowledge base while she paints.

Jade Carpenter